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For over 25 years, Protocol has provided outstanding temporary service solutions to small and large companies throughout Southern California.

Our business was built on this. Protocol provides companies in a wide variety of industries with the best people available to fulfill direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary staffing needs. These options provide companies the flexible choices they often need. Often companies have short term projects that require a large staff for a short period of time. Protocol can accommodate your needs from 10 to 1000.

We provide only highly qualified pre-screened candidates who respond to an opportunity, not a newspaper ad. Their skills, experience, and background prepare them to assist our client-companies.

The typical positions these specialists fill include:

Short term, Project Oriented Staffing
  Executive/Administrative Assistants
  Data Entry Specialists
  Credit Union staff
  Payroll Specialists
  Customer Service Representatives
  Medical Billers, Coders and Assistants

Temporary Help or Temporary Staffing is one of the fastest growing recruitment trends all over the world. It is gaining popularity with firms both big and small. Temporary employees work on the client site but remain on the payroll of the external agency supplying the Temporary manpower. All the responsibility, right from recruitment to on-boarding lies with the external Temp staffing agency. Client only provides specific functional training so that the Temps can work effectively and efficiently.

Why would a company hire Temporary Staff?
Companies use Temporary staff for several reasons. Temps are most commonly used to handle excess or unexpected increase in work load. Temps are also hired as contingency workers till the company finds full time permanent staff for the position. Temporary staffing is also a great way to try out new employees. If found suitable, Temporary staff is then offered permanent positions.
Another use of the Temporary workers is on occasions where the permanent staff has gone on leave or has left the company unexpectedly. In such cases the company can hire Temporary Staff to finish the projects on time.

What areas do Temporary workers typically serve?
There are many functional areas where one can hire Temporary staff. Specific job titles may include Accounts manager, Clerical/Administrative Officer, Service or Maintenance staff,  Secretary, Data Processor, Word Processors, Typist, Call Centre Operator, Administrative Assistants, General office clerks, Filing clerks, Receptionists, Data entry clerks, Cashiers, Shipping clerks, Receiving clerks, Assembly line worker.

Gone are the days when Temp workers used to pick only the low wage jobs that required repetitive work. Now you can hire highly skilled workers as Temps. For example Computer Programmer, IT Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Engineer, and professional workers in the Accounting, Legal, Sales and Marketing, HR Management are some of the commonly hired Temporary skilled workers.

Advantages hiring Temporary staff.

Hiring process is easier.
  Temps can work flexible hours
  Reduces your liability
  You do not have to provide benefits to Temps.
  You have the opportunity to concentrate on core areas.

Drawbacks of hiring Temp workers.

Temps have high turnover rates.
  It is tough to find highly skilled Temps for critical positions and if they do not perform, your projects suffer.

Temporary Staffing, if done right can be highly advantageous for your company. If you are facing a recession or uncertainty in your business, hiring Temps makes even more sense. You can hire specialists or unskilled Temporary Staff without worrying about firing them if things do not turn out as expected.

For immediate staffing solutions, contact or email Pam Kriss-Calvino at 818-878-8571.

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